Your child’s future is too important to ‘wait and see’ if they will eventually figure it out on their own.

Hiring a coach will give you the reassurance you’ve been looking for that your child is not just learning the subject specific content they need, but also the skills they will need for lifelong success.

Lifelong results of executive function coaching include:

  • School success by showing them how to manage their time, avoid distractions, study strategically and plan long-term projects.
  • Building healthy habits by identifying and tracking goals that lead to positive change.
  • Developing essential tools to know who you are, tackle challenges and be self-directed.
  • Increasing employability skills by being more organized, able to adapt to changes, willing to persevere to solve problems and resilient when faced with challenges.
  • Gaining confidence to use learning as a tool to thrive in an ever-changing world.

You won’t have to monitor what your child needs to do, how they are doing it and when it needs to be done anymore. No more nagging. No more sleepless nights (for you or your child).

A coach can take care of all the details, so you can have your family time back. You and your child can spend some quality time doing the things you enjoy together instead of arguing about school work.

The coaching process can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years depending on the goals the student wants to achieve and how ready they are to change. The length of coaching is highly individualized and in order to provide the best coaching, I offer a variety of packages that provide differing levels of support based on the needs of the student.

Lasting change that impacts both a student’s approach and mindset toward learning takes time. However, it is far less costly than the ongoing school-related challenges, the loss of opportunities, the effects of failure on self-esteem and the long-term consequences of not developing the skills needed for the transition to adulthood.

Think of coaching as an investment. What is it worth to you to know your child is learning the skills they need to set them up for success now and in the future?

Coaching is for students who want to learn new skills. I offer an extensive, complimentary intake process to make sure coaching is the right fit at this time. The intake process includes a 30-minute consultation with parents and a 30- to 45-minute Discovery Session with the student.

With each package listed below, you secure a wrap-around service that provides a comprehensive, holistic response to a student’s executive function challenges for a specified period of time.

Comprehensive Results-Focused Coaching PackagesJump-Start Your Learning
This is ideal for students who need a jump-start to set-up planning and organizing systems as well as learn a few key study strategies and can take it from there on their own
Make Your Learning Stick
Train your brain so you can learn anything and design your own toolbox of strategies to improve your learning

Rock Your Learning
Transform your school experience by learning HOW to learn anything, revolutionize your planning and organization systems, boost your confidence and still have time to spare to do the things you love
1-to-1 personalized coaching (50 – 60 mins. depending specific needs during session)
4 sessions
6 sessions
12 sessions
(1 full-term: Sept-Dec / Jan-Mar / Apr–June)✽
On-going self-awareness building through identifying strengths & challenges and understanding how the brain learns
Setting up systems for planning and organizing
Learn strategies for accountability, studying and creating habits
Individualized Active Learning Plan (shared Google spreadsheet that is a home-base for all coaching related planning & communication)
Weekly written summaries, goal-setting and trackable habits
Guaranteed recurring time slot each week

360-degree Support Outside of Sessions Includes:

Accountability - reminders, encouragement and check-ins via email, text, WhatsApp
Access to The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying Program (© Gretchen Wegner -$197 value)
Access to virtual study hall
Parent educational resources (i.e. useful executive function webinars, podcasts, articles, etc.)
Parent consultations regarding systems & strategies being used by the student
Teacher email communication
Attend 1 parent/school team meeting per term if available

Total Investment

Installment Plan Available
(additional 5% to cover
administrative time)

$780 - $850

$1250 - $1550

$2400 - $2600

Terms and Conditions:
• Package prices increase 5% at the beginning of each school year.
• Weekly sessions are not held during school holiday periods.
✽ Rock Your Learning package automatically renews each school term unless discontinued in writing prior to the start of a new term.