Susannah offers workshops for parent groups of any size. Parents learn about Executive Function development and the specific Executive Function processes that students need to be successful. Engaging presentations include tools and strategies that parents can use to help their children manage their school experience more effectively. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • How Executive Function impacts learning
  • Planning, prioritizing and managing time
  • Organizing materials, space and ideas
  • Distraction and screen time 
  • Motivation and procrastination 
  • Parent as coach 

If you are part of a parent group and wish to inquire about a workshop tailored to your specific group interests, contact me and let me know your areas of interest.

If you are a parent and interested in participating in a parent workshop, contact Susannah and she will let you know when she has at least a small group of parents with a similar request and when she will be scheduling the workshop.