Susannah offers hands-on workshops for students in elementary, middle and high school that provide instruction and practice with the tools and strategies they will need to learn HOW to learn with confidence. Each workshop provides a combination of direct instruction and hands-on practice using the strategies being taught. They are tailored to the needs of the students, their age as well as the topic(s) being covered. Workshops vary in length from several, short targeted sessions to longer sessions depending on the age of the students. 

To build confidence and ultimately to be successful in school, students benefit from learning how to:

  • plan, prioritize and manage their time
  • organize materials 
  • find the structure in reading and writing
  • take notes 
  • research
  • study strategically
  • avoid procrastination
  • set up a homework routine

If you are a teacher or a parent group who would like to organize a workshop for students, contact Susannah and let her know the age of the students and the topic(s) you are interested in.