I wish I could...

  • stop procrastinating and get started on my work right away
  • remember what I’m supposed to do and not lose assignments
  • focus on my work so I can get it done faster
  • get better grades on tests

What is Executive Function Coaching?

As an Executive Function Coach, I teach students how to learn by:

  • identifying both what's working and what's not 
  • exploring systems, habits and mindsets that improve learning 
  • building a toolbox full of tools that can be easily accessed depending on the job 

We do this through a process of:

  • Understanding the brain and how it learns best
  • Implementing a personalized planning system
  • Developing systems to organize materials 
and work areas
  • Practising breaking assignments into smaller parts 

  • Actively tracking habits that lead to effective 
and efficient learning
  • Practicing effective notetaking
  • Learning how to study and take
tests effectively
  • Using concrete tools to tackle 
procrastination, get started and stay on task
  • Finding ways to persevere when learning is challenging
  • Developing self-reflection skills to take ownership of learning
  • Advocating with
  • Learn More

How do I find out if
Executive Function Coaching is the right fit?

  • After reviewing the information on the website, decide if Executive Function Coaching sounds like what the student might need right now and contact Susannah.
  • Schedule a complimentary 30-minute parent consultation to discuss your teen’s situation, challenges they have been experiencing and the next steps to discover if coaching is the right fit.
  • The student fills out the ‘Rock Your Learning' interest form. Once the form is completed, Susannah will schedule a complimentary 50-minute Discovery Session with the student.
  • At the end of the session, the student will think it over for 24 hours before making a decision. If everyone is in agreement that coaching is the right fit, we will follow-up with the next steps.

I want to find out more about
Executive Function Coaching

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