Flexible Mindsets in Schools: Channelling Brain Power for Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving & Creativity

This key text explores how to blend existing and new practices and unlock the potential of student agency as the pathway towards resilience and adaptation. The Flexible Mindsets Modelfuses three components that rely on each other to drive self-directed learning: metacognition, “I CAN” mindset messages and executive function processes.

Information Session for Parents

Beyond Booksmart offers a 30-minute on-demand recording of common challenges related to Executive Function and why bright students often struggle. It also provides some information about what is covered in coaching sessions.

How to Find a Coach

Seth Perler answers common questions from parents about how to find a good Executive Function coach for their child.

Anti-Boring Approach Academic Coaches

A directory of highly qualified, online coaches that are trained in the Anti-Boring Approach to working with students.

Seth Perler

“ShineOn Educational Solutions” is Seth’s Executive Function Coaching practice for struggling Middle School, High School or College students. He does group coaching for students anywhere in the world.

Beyond Booksmart

Beyond BookSmart help students and adults succeed with their expert approach to Executive Function Coaching.

Impact Parenting

After a decade of supporting parents of kids with ADHD, Anxiety, and other executive function challenges as professional certified coaches and moms at ImpactADHD®, we’re expanding! ImpactParents is inclusive, representing all the families for whom we are honored to serve a voice for parents of complex kids.


Created by Jessica McCabe to be an ADHD toolbox to provide tips strategies and insights into ADHD from her own personal experiences as well as current ADHD research.

Creating Positive Futures – Blog

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Tilt Parenting

Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or isolated as you parent your differently wired™ child? Debbie Reber helps parents raising differently-wired kids do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy.