Susannah offers Executive Function workshops for teachers, school staff and other educational professionals. She provides both large group instruction as well individualized coaching. Workshops are highly engaging and include explicit instruction, collaborative activities, interactive discussions, video examples and time for planning practical next steps. Teachers will increase their understanding of the impact of Executive Functions on academic performance and learn practical tools and strategies to promote the skills students need to learn HOW to learn. Workshops can be tailored to specific needs and vary from 90 minutes to half-day or full-day in length. 

Topics covered in workshops include simple tools and strategies that can be explicitly taught, modelled and embedded into existing daily instruction to teach students how to:

  • Understand how the brain works and how they learn best
  • Utilize active learning and study strategies
  • Plan and prioritize tasks
  • Approach projects systematically
  • Apply an understanding of structure and sequence to reading and writing tasks
  • Self-monitor to start and complete tasks effectively

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact Susannah and let her know your areas of interest. 

Coaching Model

If you’re really looking to transform your classroom practices, you might want to consider investing in personalized one-to-one coaching that is tailored to your professional development needs and areas of interest. A coach is an ideal person to listen, guide and keep you on track. Research has shown that one of the most successful ways to make a change is to take small, consistent steps towards a goal over time. When a coaching model is paired with professional development that introduces new ideas that teachers want to explore in their classroom, the likelihood that teaching practices will change increases considerably. A coach can provide highly individualized support in the classroom on an on-going basis until a teacher feels confident to implement the change on their own. The value of a good coach is:

  • Objective observation that creates a space to reflect on what’s working and not working in your classroom 
  • Identification of  tools and strategies that fit with your individualized goals 
  • Encouragement to persevere when things don’t go as planned and the support needed to dust yourself off and get back on track

If the intentional and intensive support offered by a coach sounds like something you would like to explore, contact Susannah.